The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Useless

robotI’m going to be honest and admit to the good people reading this that I don’t like this evolution of technology going on right now. I just don’t like it. I find remotely creepy and the fact that my phone has a name and speaks back to me just does not rub me the right way. However, I do appreciate my friend Siri when it gives me directions on how to find the nearest Tim Hortons to feed my coffee addiction. Do not be alarmed, I am very well aware of the hypocritical statements that were made just a few seconds ago.

Personally, I will admit to the fact that I like technology when I am in need of it. I like the fact that I can look up an address on Google and do a street-view of the location I will be going to and seeing exactly which house I’m looking for but, but, but, I do not like the fact that my house can be viewed on Google. I feel it to be an invasion of my privacy. When I don’t feel like putting in an effort into the things that I do, I relapse and begin to love my technologically advanced gadgets, I consider Siri my best friend and companion. Needless to say,  when I am in bed and my hand accidentally touches the home button of my phone and I have to listen to a computer generated, robot-human-wannabe speak the words “say a demand” at 3 in the morning(yes I sleep with my phone, right beside me. It has its own pillow), I hate technology. I despise it. I only want it when I need it and crave it but its existence puts a dent in my mood. This is like a societal accepted sort of addiction. There is nothing like it.

Let’s Begin the Good

I can trust most YouTubers have watched the heartfelt video of the woman who was born deaf (featured on Ellen). At age 29 she received an implant that led her to be able to hear for the first time, what most people take for granted everyday. If you haven’t you should definitely check it out. It really is a bittersweet moment.

The reason I was so personally touched by this video is due to the fact that about 3 years ago my mother went to her doctor to get an eye test. This led them to doing more testing on her where they made the discovery that one of the vessels behind her eyes was so weakened that she was going blind. With many laser treatments and home training sessions she began to see better and less blur. I am truly grateful for the creation of such accurate and precise technological devices and experienced its impact on one of the most treasured people in my life. This to me is the highest peak of the important use of technological evolution. The creation of devices which are giving people the opportunity to live the life any human being deserves.

The Bad, the Deadly and just Pure Evil

So, drones. What are drones you ask? They are described as unmanned vehicles flying in the air which are able to pinpoint and kill. Who are these used by you say? Well drones were created in the 1980’s but were not put to significant use until the 2000’s. Most people I have spoken to have never even heard of drones however this term surfaced around the time where US attacked the compound of Bin Laden in Abbottabad that eventually led to Bin Laden’s death. From 2004 to date there has been a maximum estimate of 3,540 casualties (197 of which were children) in Pakistan, and 369 attacks. It should be noted that most of the people killed were innocent civilians going about their day. This is a form of covert war. This is secret, unmanned, emotionless, and careless attacks which is leading to many unnecessary casualties. Imagine holding a gun towards a person and having to kill them. You don’t know them but you see them. You see their emotions and their character. You see their features, how their dressed, their age range, etc. Now imagine you are given a button and you are told that if you press the button someone in this world dies. Much easier right? Well unfortunately, this new technology has taken out most of the guilt of killing people where that man that controlled that drone can sleep at night.

And finally the fun part…Completely Useless Technological Creations

Did you know every 5 minutes mankind thinks of something stupid to discover? Well here are some people that invested time and money into their completely useless but entertaining creations. It can be something as small as applications replication farting noises or apps that specialize in popping pimples. As I was researching for cool things to talk about I realized how many strange things are being created. Honda created an electronic unicycle that you just sit on and it’s a little wider than a normal human being, and it just moves for you.

You can literally be immobile for the rest of your life as long as you have remotely good posture (as seen by the man in the video). Let’s not tell the US about this as their obesity rate may double triple.

Think of the coolest idea ever! I bet this will beat it. Say hello to the Exhaust Burger. This amazing device will take your patties and cook it using just the heat generated from your exhaust fumes. So by the time you drive to your destination you will have made yourself an environmentally friendly meal!


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